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The Voice of Change Exhibition

Virtual Art Tour Fundraiser to Benefit Homeless Housed by YWCA Greater Cincinnati

Virtual Gallery Tour:

November 22, 2020
Virtual Gallery Tour Available Starting at 8:00 AM

Through December 31, 2020

RSVP's or Questions - Ena Nearon
tentalentsnetwork@gmail.com, 859-360-4955

When COVID-19 hit the City in March of 2020,  the YWCA Greater Cincinnati drew a line in the sand.  In response to the pandemic, the YWCA chose to relocate women and children previously housed in YWCA domestic violence shelters to safely spaced hotel rooms. It was the kind of decision that required integrity and commitment to the values espoused by solid community leadership.

It also required thousands of dollars.  Every week.

To that end, the Women’s Art Gallery is hosting “VISUAL PROTEST : The Voice of Change” art exhibition curated by the Women’s Art Gallery manager and curator, Ena Nearon.  Ena has chosen to end this year’s annual exhibit schedule by creating and showcasing it’s very first art fundraiser honoring the integrity of the YWCA’s choice.

Nearon pulled together ten of Cincinnati’s very outspoken female artists and designers to virtually display the “Visual Protest: Voices of Change” Virtual Tour Exhibit online for the months of November thru December via the Women’s Art Gallery. Included in this group exhibit is the activist work of Emily Momohara, Cynthia Lockhart, Kimberly Walker, Stacey Vest, Jenny Roesel Ustik, Joomi Chung, Lorena Guadalupe Molina, Halena Cline, Trinidad Mac-Auliffe, Suzanna Terrill, and introducing the artwork of emerging artist, Nytaya Babbitt.

Each piece of artwork displayed speaks to the modifications that must be addressed within the structure of our nation as its people rise up together to reclaim their role of moral leadership. “The energy generated in the featured artwork is palatable.  Vivid colors, and strong statements on issues that have created division, destruction and disenfranchisement are relatable to everyone. The  issues being expressed via art include the dignity of womanhood, planned parenthood, gender and racial equality, truth in journalism, artistic value, and the proliferation of hope in the midst of the continual barrage of despair brought on by the pandemic,”  said Nearon.

For safety reasons, there will NOT be a gathering of people inside of the gallery.  Instead guests are invited to walk through the gallery via skilled virtual camera work.  Narration of each art piece by Ena Nearon will describe artists and the message they wish to convey. Links to each artist and their background are built into every piece of work.  Both entertaining and informative, guests can connect with the mission of support that the YWCA is built on and actually meet artists who stand in support of that mission.

The holidays are coming.  All of the art on display in the exhibit is available for sale!  The funds raised will help the YWCA to allay some of the costs for housing  families during this ongoing pandemic. Upon receipt of a donation of $500 or more, guests will be automatically entered to win a one-of-a-kind raffle that includes “Chimera No.4” (2014) by McCrystle Wood, a select artwork valued at $1,500, gifted by Sara M. Vance Waddell, Cincinnati’s beloved art patron.  With a donation of $100 or more, guests will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind raffle for the “Guardian Angel” sculpture, valued at $350 by celebrated sculptor, Jan Wiesner.

You are invited to experience the Opening Reveal of the “Visual Protest: Voices of Change” Virtual Tour Exhibit on Sunday, November 22nd at 3:00 PM.  Donations can be made directly through this link.  *Please note on your donation that your contribution is designated for the Women’s Art Gallery or it will not be registered. Art purchases are conducted through the Ten Talents Network art gallery online. Ena Nearon can be contacted at tentalentsnetwork@gmail.com for any special assistance required.  Please share this online experience with your social media friends. Your generous support is valued and needed to make this worthwhile effort impactful against the expense that is being incurred.

For more information about the VISUAL PROTEST : The Voice of Change,” visit the Ten Talents Network facebook page.