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YWCA Greater Cincinnati President/CEO message regarding COVID-19
K.L. called the YWCA domestic violence hotline in late January. She was accepted into the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter with her six children, and she was also expecting. A couple of weeks after her intake, she gave birth, and post-partum depression soon followed. K.L. was under an immense amount of stress as a domestic violence survivor, and a single mother of seven. Not long after, Coronavirus began to breakout, which added more stress for her. Many resources and programs came to a halt, as social distancing and the stay-at-home order came into play. Amid the chaos and stress, K.L. was matched to Bethany House Rapid-Re-Housing program and has moved into her own apartment. YWCA was able to assist with furniture for her new home thanks to our community resources. K.L. is very appreciative of the YWCA and glad that her stress level has decreased tremendously!
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