Is YWCA for women only?

No. YWCA serves individuals from all genders, races, religions, economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations in need of our services.


What is the purpose of YWCA?

YWCA Greater Cincinnati is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


How many people do you serve?

Our local association serves approximately 34,000 women, men, and their families annually. YWCA USA represents approximately 2 million women, men, and their families with nearly 22 associations within the United States. World YWCA provides services to 25 million women and men in more than 120 countries.


When was YWCA founded?

London, England was the home to the first YWCA, which was established in 1855. The United States soon followed with a chapter in 1858. The first National Board was constituted in 1906. YWCA Greater Cincinnati was founded in 1868 as the fifth association in the United States.


Is YWCA a “social services” agency?

Partly. Yes, YWCA provides social services, but also advocacy, education, and pieces of training for community professionals.


Does the YWCA provide health and fitness programs?

The Greater Cincinnati location does not provide health and fitness programs. 


Is YWCA Greater Cincinnati a faith-based organization?

YWCA’s mission was originally based on principles derived from Christianity. Today, membership and participation in YWCA is open to people of all faiths and those with no religious affiliation. We hold an inclusive vision of “peace, justice, freedom, and dignity FOR ALL.”


What does YWCA stand for?

YWCA is a word, not an acronym, and stands for eliminating racism and empowering women.