The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Scholarship

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The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund was created to ennoble, empower, and uplift young girls and women. Jacob Godfrey Schmidlapp created the fund to memorialize his daughter, who was killed at the age of nineteen in an automobile accident while touring France. He wanted other women to have the same opportunities in life that he would have afforded for Charlotte.



In 1908, while women around the world were fighting to attain the most basic rights, Jacob Schmidlapp was working to ensure their futures. What started as a $250,000 fund has grown to almost $30 million in assets. It began by awarding interest-free loans to aid young women in pursuit of higher education. In 1919, the fund gifted its first award to a not-for-profit organization, the YWCA.

100 years later, the fund is still supporting the work of the YWCA. In 2008, the Charlotte Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship was created to provide financial support to women who are participating in YWCA programs to complete their educations in order to secure employment and financial stability and achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

2021 Award

The 2021 Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship Award winner was recognized during the YWCA’s 42nd Annual Career Women of Achievement Broadcast  on April 22, 2021.

2021 Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship Recipient:





Angel Spurlock-Lang

Mount St. Joseph University

Angel is a gifted artist who serves as an official Self-Advocate with the YWCA Project CARE. She facilitates several art-based workshops and support groups designed to connect clients in a holistic and healing way. Angel’s unbridled enthusiasm and thirst for learning has led to increased responsibilities. She is candid about her personal struggles, shared in a calm and reassuring way which helps others feel at ease.

Angel has been accepted as a student by Mount St. Joseph University. She is highly motivated to become a social worker and eventually an art therapist. The Schmidlapp Scholarship will lessen the financial burden of books and tuition. Angel is a new mother and while her spouse works full-time, their financial situation is strained. Angel is upfront about her suicide attempts leading to hospitalizations, rehabilitation services and therapy. Her journey toward healing has influenced other lives for the better.

Says Holly Watson of Project CARE, “Angel is deserving of this scholarship award because she has faced so many challenges throughout her life yet continues to hold a deep desire to help others. She is sensitive and kind, and her strength, hope and wisdom bring a sense of calmness and clarity to all those she supports.”


Past Scholarship Recipients


Year Name
2020Bree Moss
2019Gina Armacost
2018Beverly Hector
2017Rashawn Hill
2016Angel Raquel Bush
2015Francesca Mazzucca
2014Kelly Schierloh
2013Rose Morgan
2012Brittany Weakley
2011Angela Lewis
2010Yvonne Bradley
2009Vikki A. Kimbrough
2008Ryan Byes


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