toward equity


YWCA Toward Equity is an 8 hour workshop series that builds upon a foundation of implicit bias education and assesses strategies for equity within an organization. Before we can create change at our workplace, we need to do thoughtful reflection around our own perceptions and biases and how these manifest in our daily work and interactions. The workshop focus then transitions to facilitating an inclusive organizational culture that keeps and retains employees.

  •       Part I- Implicit Bias (4 hours)
    • This workshop introduces the concept of implicit bias and builds awareness for participants around racial equity and how implicit bias impacts us at a personal, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic level.
  •       Part II- Creating an Equitable Organization (4 hours)
    • Using the Multicultural Organizational Development (MCOD) strategic organizational change model, participants learn how to facilitate an inclusive organizational structure through systemic, long-term culture change. This model aids participants in identifying strategic next steps to become a more equitable organization through an interactive assessment.
It helped me to focus on anti-racism, recognize my own subconscious biases, and see what I could do.
Toward Equity Participant
Having a local presence of the YWCA Greater Cincinnati reminds us of the commitment we made towards equity within our organization. We are excited to work with YWCA to roll out phase two of Toward Equity at our organization so that members of YMCA staff can receive this impactful information.
Jorge Perez, President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati