Restorative Practices Track

    • This is a 12 hour training track that provides a foundation of restorative practices. Restorative practice develops community and manages conflict by repairing harm and restoring relationships. Restorative Practice theorists suggest that people are more likely to positively change behavior when authority figures work with them to move towards restoration rather than doing things to or for them. Participants will learn how to conduct restorative circles as a proactive method to build kinship and create accountability in conflict. This is a tool to address harmful behavior in the workplace, school, community, etc.
      • Part I- Introduction to Restorative Practices (6 hours)
        • This workshop introduces the origins of restorative practice. It provides an overview of the following elements included in the continuum: affective statements and questions, impromptu small conferences, and introductory concepts of restorative circles. Additionally, participants will develop a baseline of implicit bias knowledge to shape the understanding of community consequences when traditional punitive approaches are utilized.
      • Part II- Using Circles Effectively (6 hours)
        • This model aids participants in learning how to make connections, build community, and create space for all to be heard. Participants will learn strategic elements to facilitate restorative circles when harmful behavior is committed. Likewise, the model introduces various types of circles and allows opportunity for participants to experience facilitation of circles and the creation of circle lesson plans.