Antiracism and Liberation Track

This is an 8 hour workshop series that builds upon a foundation of developing an antiracist racial identity and walks through assessing strategies for racial equity within policies, practices, and norms. Before we can create change in our community, we need to do thoughtful reflection around our racial identity and understanding of racism and how it manifests in our daily interactions. Focus then transitions to facilitating a deep dive into racial literacy and the steps to address racial discrimination from an individual and institutional lens.

  • Part I- Developing an Antiracist Racial Identity (4 hours)
    • This workshop unpacks the concept of racial identity development, messages of socialization, and racism education. It builds awareness for participants around racial equity and how racism impacts us at a personal, interpersonal, institutional, and systemic level.
  • Part II- Learning to Liberate (4 hours)
    • Using explorative exercises, this workshop reconciles the knowledge of racial disparities with the tools to navigate conversations about race and call out others to call them into justice. This workshop moves through topics of racial legacy and racial literacy.