SafeCare is an evidence-based, parent-training curriculum for parents of children ages 0-5, who are at-risk for or have been reported for child neglect or physical abuse. The SafeCare Team is co-located at Hamilton County Job & Family Services, as they work specifically with families that have open children’s services cases. The YWCA has four Family Support Providers who provide in-home services by teaching parents the skills in three main areas: (1) parent-infant/child interaction skills, (2) health care skills, and (3) home safety, providing them with tools that will support them in having a bright and successful future with their children, free from abuse and neglect.

SafeCare Modules

  • Parent-Child/Infant Interaction (PCI/PII) stimulating activities
  • Health Module
  • Home Safety Module

Each module is taught over the course of approximately 6 sessions. Each module begins with an observational assessment to determine parents’  current skills and areas in need of improvement. A series of training sessions follow (typically four sessions), and Home Visitors work with parents until they show mastery of module skills. A final observational assessment is used to assess parents’ uptake of skills. Training sessions use principles from well-established social learning theory and research. Parenting skills are taught by:  (1) explaining the skills and why they are important; (2) demonstrating how to do each skill; (3) having parents practice the skills; and (4) providing positive and corrective feedback to parents on their use of skills.