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How You Can Help Advocate

If you have a passion for these issues, you can make a difference right now in our community and nationally.


Stay informed by accessing the information on key issues via our social media sites.

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Both of these will provide opportunities to make your voice heard whether it is speaking at a local city council meeting, being a part of a community conversation or event, or writing your legislators to impact policy. We all have our ‘circle of influence’ that we can expand our passion for issues by educating and engaging our friends, family, and neighborhoods through our own social media outlets, church, school, and other community groups.


Our Work

YWCA Greater Cincinnati advocates on public policy that directly advances our mission and vision and clearly promotes our three signature platforms, which are Racial Justice & Civil Rights, Safety of Women and Girls, Empowerment & Economic Advancement of Women & Girls

We continue to be a primary influence in advocating for a system-wide response. The YWCA provides leadership and staff support for the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and Ohio Domestic Violence Network and many local and state public policy and advocacy organizations that support legislative and community initiatives. Community initiatives include the Family Violence Advocacy Network, Immigrant Survivors of Partner Violence, and Men on a Mission Campaign against Violence.


Racial Justice

Current events have exposed the vast inequities that continue to exist in our nation.  Racial disparities are increasing and further dividing us. This is the most critical issue facing us today. We’re at a turning point in our nation that requires all of us to advocate for change.

Violence Against Women

Violence against women and girls continues to threaten the safety and wellbeing of our community. There has never been a more urgent time to challenge long-held policies that continue to perpetuate the cycle of abuse.

Focus Areas:



For more information about how you can be an advocate for women, girls, and people of color, email info@ywcacin.org