Margaret’s Place

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What is Margaret’s Place?

Margaret’s Place is a “Safe Space” where youth can go to speak with a counselor about domestic violence or other types of violence & abuse that they or someone they know may be experiencing. mp

Margaret’s place offers:

FREE Confidential Individual and Group Counseling for Youth grades 7-12th

Workshops for youth: on Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Sexual Violence, Cyber Safety, Community Violence, Family Violence and More

School Wide Campaigns– Engage youth in raising awareness about issues related to violence in their schools and communities

Resources, Referrals, and Workshops for Parents– Margaret’s place offers support to parents and families impacted by violence and those who want to learn more about how to educate their children about healthy relationships.

For more information, Visit or visit or call Mrs. Cameron, the Margaret’s Place Counselor, at 513 363 3447.