The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Scholarship

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The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund was created to ennoble, empower and uplift young girls and women. Jacob Godfrey Schmidlapp created the fund to memorialize his daughter, who was killed at the age of nineteen in an automobile accident while touring France. He wanted other women to have the same opportunities in life that he would have afforded for Charlotte.

In 1908, while women around the world were fighting to attain the most basic rights, Jacob Schmidlapp was working to ensure their futures. What started as a $250,000 fund has grown to almost $30 million in assets. It began by awarding interest-free loans to aid young women in pursuit of higher education. In 1919, the fund gifted its first award to a not-for-profit organization, the YWCA.

100 years later, the fund is still supporting the work of the YWCA. In 2008, the Charlotte Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship was created to provide financial support to women who are participating in YWCA programs to complete their educations in order to secure employment and financial stability and achieve independence and self-sufficiency.

The 2018 Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship Award winner was recognized at the YWCA Annual Career Women of Achievement Luncheon on May 8, 2019.


2019 Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund Scholarship Recipient

Gina Armacost

Southern State Community College

For the past nine years Gina has risen up the ranks of the YWCA HIPPY (Home Intervention Parents of Preschool Youngsters) program. Now, as assistant manager, Gina has visited the homes of countless families with youngsters, providing peer guidance and support. She never shies away from taking on new projects or perfecting new ones. Gina has learned to balance home and work life.

The vast skill set earned on the job provides the confidence to complete her degree in nursing. Gina begins classes this spring at Southern State Community College where they will witness her persistence, reliability, collaborative spirit and ability to work with people from diverse economic and educational backgrounds. The scholarship will finally lift Gina from her longstanding dilemma of lacking the finances to complete a post-secondary degree, and the inability to move ahead in the job market without a college diploma.

“Gina has been an extremely effective leader both with the families she serves and with her co-workers,” says her supervisor Maria Meinking. “She continues to research opportunities to increase her skills. Gina is very motivated.”

Says Gina, “I have been faced with some obstacles in life that have shown me that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but you can still find a way to reach your destination.”

Watch Gina’s video on our YouTube Channel.


Past Scholarship winners:

Year      Name
2018     Beverly Hector
2017     Rashawn Hill
2016     Angel Raquel Bush
2015     Francesca Mazzucca
2014     Kelly Schierloh
2013     Rose Morgan
2012     Brittany Weakley
2011     Angela Lewis
2010     Yvonne Bradley
2009     Vikki A. Kimbrough
2008     Ryan Byes