Domain: Motor


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From birth, children eagerly explore how to use their bodies. They examine and perform with concentration the motions that lead to the mastery of fine and large motor movements. Children learn through all of their senses and with their whole bodies as they explore their environments. They gain muscle control and learn how to improve their strength, balance and coordination. As children learn to sit, crawl, walk, or hold a spoon, they lay the foundation for more complex skills like understanding spatial relations, problem solving and learning to write.

The Motor Domain is focused on gross motor development with one activity introduced each week. There are several current initiatives and projects in the United States that promote daily active play for children and their families as a way of supporting healthy weight and physical well-being. The HIPPY activities focus on muscle groups in various parts of the body with fun games and activities that families can enjoy together. The motor activities also offer many opportunities to foster listening skills and following directions

In the HIPPY curriculum, activities that promote fine motor development are woven throughout the key learning areas. Using the pincer grasp to pick up small objects, coloring, drawing, gluing, cutting and using play dough all contribute to the development of fine motor skills.