Domain: Math

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Math is the study of measurement, properties and relationship of things using numbers or symbols. Children have a natural propensity to make comparisons, notice similarities and differences in objects and people, and to engage in math activities as they group their toys and materials.

The activities in this key learning area focus on giving children opportunities to explore and manipulate objects in ways that support them in learning about numbers and counting, classifying and sequencing objects, determining spatial relations, comparing and measuring. Toward the end of the year patterning is introduced on a very basic level to help children see relationships and patterns in the world around them, another important skill in developing a strong math foundation for children. In the Classification unit of the Math Domain, colors are introduced. While learning colors is not typically a math-related activity, using colors to classify items and create patterns are math skills. Because the colors and shapes are so closely related in the HIPPY curriculum, we have introduced colors with the shapes in this domain.

In Year 2, children are introduced to larger numbers, special awareness, sorting and using matrices and simple addition and subtraction.