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Juneteenth may be over, but fighting for further racial justice reform is not. It’s time to recognize and understand initiatives “Beyond Juneteenth.”

Below, you will find resources that will provide you with the needed understanding to continue the fight for racial justice:

President and CEO, Barbara Perez’s Letter about Juneteenth

Honoring Juneteenth Barbara Perez.pdf

Stop HB-294: The Ohio Anti-Voter Bill

Every eligible person should be able to exercise their constitutional right to vote and should have equal access to the process. HB-294 is a huge threat to Ohian voter rights.

  • View and track the progression of the bill by clicking here.
  • Sign the petition provided by Cincinnati NAACP: Sign here.
  • With help from the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, mail your legislators by clicking here OR call your legislators by clicking here.

Voter Suppression through a National Lens: The Economy

No-Knock Warrants: It’s Time to End Them for Good

  • For more information and understanding of no-knock raids, visit We The People Organize, here.
  • A comprehensive paper studying no-knock police warrants: Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America by Radley Balko. Read it here.
  • Understand and read more on Breonna’s Law, a law passed in Kentucky by Governor Andy Beshear in regard to no-knock warrants after Breonna’s death in Louisville, KY last spring by clicking here.
  • Cincinnati Enquirer article: Cincinnati restricts no-knock warrants
  • The Task Force on Policing, falling under Council on Criminal Justice, released a policy assessment on No-Knock Warrants and Police Raids

Health Disparities Are Very Much Still Alive- So What Are We Going to Do About It?

No Parent Should Have to Have “The Talk” With Their Children

It’s Time to Put an End to the “School-to-Prison Pipeline”