Our Work

YWCA Greater Cincinnati advocates on public policy that directly advances our mission and vision and clearly promotes our three signature platforms, which are Health & Safety of Women and Girls, Empowerment & Economic Advancement of Women & Girls, and Racial Justice & Civil Rights. Our Advocacy Committee works with our Advocacy Manager to prioritize our advocacy.

Priority Areas:

Violence Against Women

Given the pervasively inadequate responsiveness to violence against women & girls that threatens to continue the cycle of abuse, there has never been a more urgent time to expose the challenges facing women & girls and engage stakeholders to be actively involved.

Racial Justice

Given the embroiled political debate over race and gender equality in our nation and the pervasive fear that threatens to divide us further, there has never been a more urgent time to shine a spotlight on the challenges facing women and girls of color and engage stakeholders to become actively involved in their future.



How You Can Help Advocate

If you have a passion for these issues, you can make a difference right now in our community and nationally.

First, stay informed by accessing the information on key issues. Reading postings in our social media sites will provide opportunities to make your voice heard whether it is speaking at a local city council meeting, being a part of a community conversation or event, or writing your legislators to impact policy. We all have our ‘circle of influence’ that we can expand our passion for issues by educating and engaging our friends, family, and neighborhoods through our own social media outlets, church, school, and other community groups.

Focus Areas:

Some of our current advocacy activities include:

  • Spreading awareness about the intersection of domestic violence and mass shootings
  • Working with the City of Cincinnati’s Gender Equality Task Force to examine current practices and inform future best practices regarding gender equity and equality in the City of Cincinnati
  • Working with the Hamilton County Commission On Women & Girls to ensure that Hamilton County is a more inclusive home for women and girls. Find the full Report and Recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners here
  • Working with several partner agencies including Legal Aid, Ohio Justice & Policy Center, Women Helping Women, Ohio Domestic Violence Network, and the University of Cincinnati’s College of Law Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice to provide IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) Judicial Training

Other activities include:

  • Helping to pass the Children Services Levy (Issue 53) and the Preschool Promise (Issue 44) by working polls and phone banks and distributing yard signs
  • Advocating against Human Services Funding cuts, leading to Cincinnati City Council approving $350K in additional human services for 2018 and a commitment to increase human services to 1.5% of the General Fund over the next five years
  • Working with partner organizations to pass two Cincinnati City Council Ordinances in support of the Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women
  • Collaborating and working with advocacy networks like the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, the Human Services Chamber of Hamilton County, and the Women’s Public Policy Network
  • Partnering with the United State of Women during the Galvanize Ohio Summit
  • Working on legislative issues locally, statewide and nationally, including:
    • 1615, Dream Act of 2017
    • R. 3841, the Security and Financial Empowerment (SAFE) Act of 2015.
    • R. 932, The Healthy Families Act
    • R. 1439, Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act
    • B. 85, Instruct students and staff in child sex abuse prevention



For more information about how you can be an advocate for women, girls, and people of color, email