Father’s Day Campaign

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Father’s Day Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Last year the YWCA served 461 women and 237 children in our domestic violence shelters.  These moms were saving themselves and their children from violent, abusive situations – the kind we should never tolerate.  But this violence is also happening to women we know.

~ 1 in 3 women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime.
~ 3-4 women are killed every day in the US by their husband or boyfriend.
~ 1 in 4 teenage girls experience physical or sexual violence in a dating relationship.


For Father’s Day 2019men across Greater Cincinnati are taking a stand against domestic violence.

Father’s Day Campaign Chair
De Asa Nichols

Special Thanks to our Father’s Day Campaign Champions
Steve Kenat &
Sean Parker

These men pledged to serve as positive role models and teach respect and healthy relationships to the next generation:
Richard N. Aft
James Aglamesis
Robert Alpern
James M. Anderson
Richard A. Bachhuber
Thomas F. Boat
Gregory T. Brodrick
Michael F. Broe
Debbie Brooks, In Honor of RJ Maccani
Ralph P. Brown, In Memory of Iva M. Brown
Robert A. Bult
Timothy M. Burke
James J. Carroll
Tony Chambliss
Thomas G. Cody
Alfonso Cornejo
Matt Crawford
S. A. Dohan
Steven Easley
William J. Faulkner
Michael Fisher
George Glover
P. Jeane Goings
Victor Green
Gerald H. Greene
Reva Harden
Thomas A. Hayes
Bruce A. Healey
Michael A. Hirschfeld
Myron L. Hughes
James D. Huizenga
Andrew M. Jergens
Renee Johnson, In Honor of Ricky D. Johnson
Thomas W. Kahle
Michael K. Keating
Steven T. Kenat
William Knodel
Scott E. Knox, In Honor of Deborah Burstion
Arlene R. Koth, In Honor of Robert C. Koth, II & Michael J. Williams
Buddy LaRosa
Thomas J. Lindsey
Carol Livingston, In Honor of Mitchel D. Livingston , PhD
David Logan
Patrick N. Longo
Reverend Damon Lynch, Jr.
John MacLeod
Joe Mallory
Peter E. McConney, In Honor of Sheryl McClung McConney
James Metzger
Ross Meyer
James A. Miller
John H. Mitchell
De Asa Nichols, In Memory of Sam Drake
Stefan L. Olson
Dr. O’Dell M. Owens
Whitney Owens
Sean Parker
Myles L. Pensak
Gus G. Perdikakis, In Honor of George Perdikakis
Brandon Pridgett
Katherine & Michael Rademacher
Darrin Redus
Alfred Riddick
J. David Rosenberg
School Outfitters
Thomas W. Seith
Paul G. Sittenfeld
Barbara J. Smitherman, In Honor of Jason Knaley, Albert C. Smitherman, Christopher E.C. Smitherman, David A. Smitherman, Dr. Herbert C. Smitherman, Jr., James O.C. Smitherman, Joseph M.C. Smitherman, Emilio Voltaire; In Memory of Dr. Herbert C. Smitherman, Sr.
Ryan Spalazzi
Carlin Stamm
Robert E. Stautberg
Joseph Stewart-Pirone
John S. Stith
Theodore W. Striker
Eric Thompson
Robert L. Wehling
H. James J. Williams
Edward N. Wolf
Peter R. Yorio, In Memory of Jim Williams
James D. Yunker

We are Proud to List the Contributors to the 2019 Father’s Day Campaign  

Thank you for Helping Us in our Efforts to End Domestic Violence 

Those donors who commit $100 or more will be listed in the Cincinnati Herald and Movers & Makers.