Family Violence Prevention Project


Forum Theater

Photos and poetry from Lockland student-led Forum Theater that addresses bullying and teen dating violence.



When I Walk Down the Hallways

*Performed by Britney and R.A.F.T. Troupe

When I walk down the hallways at school,
I see things that are not cool,
There is a kid who's being bugged,
Others who's lunch money was mugged,
A boy is scared to leave his house,
A girl is as quiet as a mouse,
Everyday, everywhere,
People are teased about their eyes, their nose and their hair.
These are forms of bullying,
It makes people start worrying.
Bullying can lead to a fight,
The bully knows it is not right,
But what do we do when we see it?
Turn and act like she never got hit.
But we can make it stop!
Bullying could get worse year by year,
Giving people much more fear.
It could happen to anyone,
From what you see it is no fun,
So together we can (pause) Stop the bullying!




Don’t Make Fun of Me

*Performed by Monica

Beautiful and popular
Two things I am not
Why do we go by
Who's cool and who's not?
I'm just as nice
And just as kind you can see
But the world has chosen
To punish me.
I'm ok with who I am
Why can't you be?
Ever since grade seven
You've been picking on me.
We're all the same inside
Or haven't you heard
I want this all to stop
But I can't say a word.
Ok, this is enough
I'm afraid to go to school
And I am always questioning
What will make me cool?
I won't stoop to your level
I have too much pride
I would never pick on someone
Because of their size
I'll be alright.
Junior high is almost over
Then you'll move on
And this will all be over
But until then
Why can't you see
The person inside
Instead of harassing me?



I Hate the Way You Laugh at Me

*Performed by Aaron and Caity

I hate the way you laugh at me, the way you point and stare.
I hate the way you talk about me as if I wasn't even there.
I hate the way you judge me before you even know.
I like the same things you do, I like the sun and snow.
I hate the way you judge me too, because of what I wear.
I hate the way you make fun of my ears and my hair.
I hate the way you threaten me to never say a peep.
You have no idea how many nights I've cried myself to sleep.
I hate the way it makes you feel all cheery and bright,
To do and say things that just aren't right.
I hate the way that you can't see what your bullying can do.
Have you not heard of students taking their lives because of people like you!
I hate that you think that I'm not as good as you,
But I want you to know that I'm just a good, if not better too!




He Doesn’t Scare Me

Performed by Rhonetta & Debra 

I walk down the hall and see
My bully is coming over here
And he's going to harass me
Now my stomach's going into knots
Maybe I should give him a couple of shots…
I better not
My mom always told me
That violence is not the answer
She said go tell the teacher
But she sounds just like a preacher.
I'm thinking, "that bully doesn't scare me"…
Okay, maybe he does.
I have to keep walking
I'm shaking especially my knobby knees
The bully starts talking to me
I get right in his face
And I say "hey"
I didn't do anything to you
So leave me alone
And I walk away.



Stop Verbal Abuse

Performed by Kiara

There's no excuse
For Verbal abuse
Teasing and taunting
Words keep haunting
When a bully comes, gather round
For the bully can't beat us all
When you look the victim
In the eye, all you can see
Is a world filled with hate.
So, Stop the verbal abuse, before it's too late.


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