Violence Prevention Community Organizing Project


The Family Violence Prevention Project empowers communities to address issues of family violence through community-driven strategies. The Family Violence Prevention Project funds and provides technical assistance to community-driven family violence-prevention projects because we know neighborhoods want to improve their communities and are the best resources to help one another.

We know that:

  • Victims of family violence turn first to those closest to them—extended family, friends and neighborsbefore they reach out to an organization or professional service provider.
  • Community members often know which families need help and which services can make a difference.
  • Families that experience violence often are disconnected from traditional service providers and feel isolated from services offered outside their immediate neighborhood.
  • Community members know the cultural values, traditions and practices that support violence, as well as those that can be used appropriately to intervene and stop it.
  • Communities include men, women and youth who understand the connection between violence in the home and on the street and see family violence as a primary barrier to community development and revitalization.
  • Most community residents and leaders have the willingness and capacity to develop the skills needed to conduct family violence prevention and intervention activities.

The cycle can be broken. Empower yourself with knowledge and learn how to prevent family violence in our communities.

Want to make a change locally but you just aren't sure where or how to begin?

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