Abuse of People with Disabilities


The Family Violence Prevention Project addresses abuse of women with disabilities through a community coordinated response titled Project CARE (Community, Accessibility, Response, Education). Project CARE partners are the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati, Hamilton County Department of Developmental Services, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health, Butler County SANE Network and Women Helping Women.

Project CARE’s mission is to transform services into a seamless system that fully meets the needs of individuals with disabilities who are victims or survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, or sexual assault.. 

Project CARE comprehensively provides services to survivors with disabilities from point of disclosure at screening, to referrals, safety planning, coordinated intervention services, and provision of prevention programming. This coordinated response stems first from a collaborative approach where each partner agency had to adopt and implement board policies to screen for domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and stalking against individuals with disabilities and trauma-informed responses. 

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  • Violent crimes against children and adults with disabilities is five to 10 times higher than against the general public. 
  • 62% of women with disabilities reported having experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The most common perpetrators for these acts of violence were their male partners or parents. 
  • Abuse of people with disabilities is one of the most under-reported forms of family violence.

Project CARE

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