Family Violence Prevention



The Family Violence Prevention program's mission is to eliminate and prevent family violence in the diverse and caring communities throughout Hamilton County.

The Family Violence Prevention program empowers individuals, neighborhoods, organizations, schools and systems-based structures to implement comprehensive strategic initiatives that prevent the many forms of family violence.

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Eastern Area Services- Brown & Adams counties


While the Family Violence Prevention's program's ultimate goal is to prevent family violence, its short-term and intermediate goals are to change community attitudes and values that tolerate family violence; increase knowledge and use of alternatives to violent behavior; and to increase protective factors for populations at risk for family violence.

A Unique Approach: Collaboration

In 2001, more than 40 public and private organizations came together with a common goal: to stop the cycle of family violence in Greater Cincinnati. While other local programs meet the needs of abuse victims, the Family Violence Prevention program is the only local collaborative that strives to prevent violence before it starts.

The Family Violence Prevention collaborative comprises more than 40 public and private agencies that represent various perspectives in the field of family violence including advocates, direct service providers and funders. These agencies span the spectrum of family violence service provision from the medical community to the criminal justice system. The YWCA Greater Cincinnati serves as the lead agency. The United Way of Greater Cincinnati is the lead partner.

Partners on a Mission

This vital project aims to eliminate all forms of family violence in our area. Family violence includes:
  • Child abuse
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Abuse of people with disabilities
  • Elder abuse

How it Works

Preventing family violence is an ambitious yet attainable goal. While it is ambitious to create a culture change that rejects family violence and promotes peaceful relationships, it is attainable when every faith leader, school teacher, neighborhood member and policy maker implements prevention-based programs in their communities.

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