YWCA Transform Adult Program


Based on a national model, the Transform (formerly Amend) program has been in existence at the YWCA Greater Cincinnati since 1982. It is designed for men who have histories of causing harm by abusing their intimate partners. Transform is not group therapy. It is primarily an educational and informational program. Participants may be court ordered to attend, referred by other agencies or self-referred. At Transform, participants have opportunities to:

  • Identify thinking and behavior patterns that brought them to this group.
  • Learn and practice new ways of pro-social thinking and non-abusive behaviors.
  • Choose to end violence at home, transform family life and strengthen relationships with partners, children and loved ones.

The YWCA Transform Adult Program is offered in Hamilton and Clermont counties.

Click here for Referral Procedure, Program Outline, Admission/Exclusion Criteria and Referral Guidelines.


YWCA Transforming Youth Program 

Transforming Youth is a prevention/intervention program for adolescents ages 11-18 involved in or at risk of violent behaviors, including domestic violence, dating violence, gang violence and school violence. The program offers psycho-educational group sessions and uses cognitive behavioral techniques to help participants make changes in both their thinking and their behavior.

The YWCA Transforming Youth Program is offered at the Clermont County Juvenile Detention Center.


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