YWCA Domestic Violence Programs include:

  • Crisis Line Assistance and Shelter Services

The YWCA provides safe protective shelter and necessary supportive services for survivors and their children to move them toward self-sufficiency, independence and freedom from abuse. Learn more

  • Transitional Housing

The YWCA offers short- and long-term housing and support for individuals and their children who have moved beyond an emergency phase and are making the transition to independent living. Learn more

  • Court Advocacy

YWCA Eastern Area Services provides court advocacy to domestic violence victims in Clermont, Adams and Brown counties. Learn more

  • Batterers’ Intervention

The YWCA Transform Program provides services to assist perpetrators of domestic violence in taking responsibility for their behavior and leading violence-free lives. Transform Adolescent provides similar services to youth who are involved in or at risk for violent behaviors. Learn more

  • Sexual Assault Program

Serving Clermont, Brown and Adams counties, the YWCA Sexual Assault Program provides 24-hour crisis intervention, TTY-accessible hotline assistance, hospital accompaniment, support groups, community outreach, prevention education and advocacy for sexual assault survivors and the community. Learn more

  • Community Response

The YWCA provided a pivotal leadership role in raising public awareness about the issue of domestic violence in our community. We continue to be a primary influence in advocating for a system-wide response. The YWCA provides leadership and staff support for the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and Ohio Domestic Violence Network and many local and state public policy and advocacy organizations that support legislative and community initiatives. Community initiatives include the Family Violence Prevention Project, Alliance for Immigrant Women and Father's Day Campaign against Violence. 

  • Training and Technical Assistance

The YWCA provides services to corporations, agencies and professionals through training and consultation activities that promote effective responses to domestic violence. 


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