Father’s Day Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Last year the YWCA served 461 women and 237 children in our domestic violence shelters.  These moms were saving themselves and their children from violent, abusive situations – the kind we should never tolerate.  But this violence is also happening to women we know.

  • 1 in 3 women will experience intimate partner violence in her lifetime.
  • 3-4 women are killed every day in the US by their husband or boyfriend.
  • 1 in 4 teenage girls experience physical or sexual violence in a dating relationship.

For Father’s Day 2018men across Greater Cincinnati have been asked to take a stand against domestic violence.  These men pledged to serve as positive role models and teach respect and healthy relationships to the next generation.

To show our appreciation, names of those who commit $250 or more will be listed in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Business Courier, and the Cincinnati Herald.   All donors who commit to $100 or more will be recognized on our website.  Please consider joining them in helping the YWCA continue our commitment to ending domestic violence in our community.  Your support helps make this possible.  Make your donation now.


 Special Thanks to our Father's Day Campaign Co-Chairs and Honorary Chairs  

Mike Browning
Campaign Co-Chair
De Asa Nichols
Campaign Co-Chair 
YWCA Board Member 
Scott Jacobs
Honorary Chair 
Sean Rugless
Honorary Chair 


 We are Proud to List the Contributors to the 2018 Father's Day Campaign 

 Thank you for Helping Us in our Efforts to End Domestic Violence 

Claudia M. Abercrumbie

Stacey Adidou

David Akers, in honor of Scott Jacobs

Raye Allen

James M. Anderson

Rick Bachhuber, Jr.

Wendy Bankes

John Bankston

Leonard Berenfield

Tom Besanceney

John Blignaut 

Tom Bobenread

Alicia Bond-Lewis, in memory of Howard Bond

Gregory T. Brodrick

Michael F. Broe

Debbie Brooks, in honor of RJ Maccani, Jr.

Alan Brown

Eric Browne

Michael Browning

Shawn Butler

Philip Cathey

Congressman Steve Chabot

Brian Coley

Concord Health Care

Mike Cooney

Edward Diller, in honor of Mike Browning

Eloiza Domingo-Snyder

Elliot Management Group LLC

John B. Fillion

William Fussinger

William C. Goings

James Gravely

Martin Gravely

Martin J. Gravely, II

James Greenberg

Gerry Greene

James Harmann

Jackie Hausfeld

Bruce A. Healey

Thomas Heekin

Steve Hightower

The Honorable Lee H. Hildebrandt, Jr.

The Reverend Duane Holm

Anna Hughes

Scott Jacobs

Steven W. Jemison

Andrew MacAoidh Jergens

Damon D. Jones

Thomas W. Kahle

Scott E. Knox, in honor of Debora Burstion

Jason Kraley

David J. Krings

Susan and Roy Kulick

Thomas J. Lindsey, in memory of Barbara B. Lindsey

Bryan Lindholz, RCF Group

Dr. Mitchel Livington, Ph.D.

Steven R. Love

Joseph Luria

Dr. John MacLeod, M.D.

James L. Mahon

Barb Matthews

Peter E. McConney, in honor of Irvine E. McConney and George McClung

Mark McDonald

James A. Miller

Sonia Jackson Myles

De Asa Nichols, in memory of Sam Drake

Jerry Noble

James F. Orr

Brandon Painter

Myles Pensak

Gus G. Perdikakis, in memory of George Perdakakis and Nicholas Lambros

James F. Peterman

Mr. Michael J. Rademacher

Jeff Read

Rod Robinson

Dr. Gregory W. Rouan M.D.

Sean Rugless

Richard Saunders

Will Sawyer, M.D., in memory of DeDe Sawyer Brinker

John Schneider

Charles Schnurpel

Thomas W. Seith

Jack Sherman, Jr.

Edward B. Silberstein, M.D.

Kenya Simmons

Steve Simon

Anthony G. Smith

Jonathan Smith

Albert C. Smitherman

Christopher E.C. Smitherman

David A. Smitherman

Dr. Herbert C. Smitherman, Jr.

In memory of Dr. Herbert C. Smitherman, Sr.

James O.C. Smitherman

Joseph M.C. Smitherman

Todd Stine

David Storer

Bernard Suer

Dr. Shantel Thomas

Don Turner

Ray van der Horst

Barry W. Webb, M.D.

George Webb

Derek Wheeler

Dr. H. James Williams, Ph.D.

John Williams

William J. Witten

Dr. Edward N. Wolf, D.D.S.

David Wright

Laurence J. Wulker CFP




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