Planned Giving

YWCA Cornerstone Society


The YWCA Cornerstone Society was established in 1993 to formally acknowledge individuals who have made planned gifts to the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati. The name was conceived from a verse on a Rookwood fountain in the YWCA headquarters, built in 1929: "That our daughters may be as cornerstones." The legacy of giving from one generation to another provides the strength of a cornerstone to support the important work of the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.

The symbol of the Cornerstone Society was created in 1929 by the visionary women who established the YWCA's downtown headquarters. The symbols of the medallion include the triangle, representing the mind, body and spirit; the tuberous rose, which is a historical representation of purity and young women; and the grape leaf, which represents selfless labor.

Planned gifts made to the YWCA will be formally recognized in YWCA publications. Individuals who make planned gifts of $10,000 or more also will be inducted into the Cornerstone Society and recognized on a stately plaque prominently placed in the YWCA's Great Room of the downtown headquarters building. They will receive a beautiful silver pin engraved with the YWCA Cornerstone medallion. For more information, call the YWCA Development Office at (513) 361-2126 or e-mail

We invite you to become a member of the YWCA Cornerstone Society through a planned gift to the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati.

We proudly acknowledge the following men and women who have made planned gifts to the YWCA, so the work we do today can make a difference in the lives we touch tomorrow.

Beverly Balch Allinsmith Helen Kelly Heekin Emalee F. Schavel
Alpha Eta Alumni of Zeta Tau Alpha Lynn A. Heinzelman
Mary Louise Schroth
Wendy Allinsmith Marjorie McCullough Hiatt
Mamie Earl Sells

Ruth N. Artzt

Jean M. Hodil

Nancy A. Simons

Margaret Smith BadgettSusan M. IngmireTheresa R. Singleton
Nell Bennett Linda Busken Jergens
Donna S. Smith
Marlene J. Berning Betty Keith Freyhof Johnson
Barbara Smitherman
Elaine S. Boynton Ruthie Jordan
Patricia Mann Smitson
Reeta H. Brendamour Jacqueline Kloenne
Marian A. Spencer
Mary Alice Burke Carolyn Fell McCoy
Dorothy Heatley Stacey
Esther K. Chandler Leslie Bennett McNeill
Pauline Allen Strayhorne
Bernice H. Clinton Mary Ann Hinsch Meanwell
Annette Smith Tarver
Nan D. Conlan Victoria L. Memmel
Joan H. Thomas
Anne Levin DeLyons Ann Moss Meranus

Arlene A. Thorwarth

Maureen C. Dillon Emily Meyer
Diane Drohan Todd
Janet Smith Duff Marie Michel-Tucker
Ruth Townley
Renee Boulton Dunn Anne Xonia Rodenberg
Dolores Wendisch
Mamie Knight Faulkner Debra D. Rothstein
Virginia Willoughby
A Gift in Memory of Frances Davis Garber Morleen Getz Rouse

Jean E.Wolf

P. Jeane Goings Louise Bennett Rowe

Martha Wolf

Lyla L. Haggard Marianne Rash Rowe

Deborah J. Zanglin

Betty Burrows Haverkos Paula B. Rusk Anonymous Donors 


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