Rally for Rosie

Build opportunity.             
Build skills.
Build confidence.
Build like a girl.
A Rosie’s Girl!


Rally for Rosie!


Your tax-deductible donation will make it possible for one
Rosie’s Girl to have her own: 

$18     Hard hat and safety glasses
$35     Hammer and saw
$50     Workboots
$79     Toolkit
$161   Sponsor one girl for a day at camp



What are the Outcomes of YWCA Rosie’s Girls?

Rosie’s Girls program goals:

  • Encourage girls to consider careers in non-traditional fields
  • Expand math and science skills
  • Challenge the expectations our society has for girls and women
  • Strengthen girls’ voices
  • Develop a broader sense of self and capabilities
  • Develop communication, teamwork and leadership skills



Building Strong Girls

The Rosie’s Girls® Program is a unique summer program for 11-13-year-old girls designed to build self-esteem, physical confidence, interpersonal cooperation and leadership acumen through learning and applying basic skills in carpentry and other technical trades.

The program gets its name from the fictional character "Rosie the Riveter," who symbolized the emerging strength and power of women who went to work in the defense plants while men were fighting World War II. Rosie has inspired generations of women to take the path less traveled and to do it with courage and conviction.

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